Time Marches On

Once again I am playing catch up. My time in Nicaragua with NDI has come to a close. As I have been working on other aspects than my blog the final stories have been left a little in the air. As such I will try to tie up some loose ends with a few short posts.

The week after the Ultramarathon and Kids Race sponsored by Fuego y Agua was Nayeli’s birthday party, which is always quite the event. This year I was more prepared for it even though I still had vivid memories of waking up at 4 in the morning within the first few weeks I lived on my own to an explosion of Spanish birthday music. It felt like a family birthday party this year. I helped tidy and clean the house for the party, set out chairs, serve food and when the guests went home stayed out with the remaining family chatting and having a few drinks. I also was invited to help Emerita open and sort Neyeli’s presents, as guests bring them in unmarked bags stapled together so no one needs to know who brought what. As usual Nayeli was quite the star, she even sang karaoke style with the DJ.


March on the island went by faster than I can even put into words. The month started off a bit rocky and very busy getting ready for International Women’s Day while Tabby fell quite under the weather. The days leading up to the event were spent alternating between who could spend time with her while she stayed in the Moyogalpa hospital, in what the only private room. Fortunately we still had some extra NDI help to assist with the International Women’s Day parade and organizing so Tabby could get the rest she needed.


A birthday brightened up the middle of the month. Angela organized a little surprise at the clinic for Trish – including a band and some cake. The day was rounded out with a girl’s pizza party in Moyogalpa. That weekend Trish and I went to Charco Verde and stayed at Finca Venencia as a bit of a treat and to continue the celebrations. It was a nice relaxing weekend with some beach walks, ice cream and movies thrown into the mix.



The end of the month was rather bittersweet. I was trying to keep it quiet that my time as  an NDI physician was almost up but some of the patients found out. Even my co-workers at the hospital didn’t really know until it was my last day. I managed to squish in one final turno which was quite entertaining. One of the nurses was tidying up the cart behind the admin desk with a cotton ball dipped in alcohol and lit on fire. Likely the most intense sanitation I had seen in my entire time down there. I don’t think it managed to clean up what was left behind by the rats that seemed to be taking over. We saw at least 3 prior to grabbing a quick nap, and all 3 of us that were on that night had some visit during the quiet hours. Most notably was my friend, a nurse, who woke up to a rat on her forehead! I took the last week of the month off to get ready and sort and pack my things as my mom was arriving for her third and final visit in April. I spent as much time as I could with close friends and trying to get last minute pictures and experiences out swimming, seeing new sights on the island and was even treated to a special girls spa day with Tabby and Laura.



About Dr. Kyley, ND

Dr. Kyley Hunt graduated with a Bachelor of Kinesiology from the University of Calgary prior to completing her studies in Naturopathic Medicine at the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine. Dr. Kyley is a general ND with special interest in women's health, preventative medicine, clinical nutrition, athletic health and training and global health. She has training in various clinical modalities including Bowen Therapy, acupuncture, homeopathy, spinal manipulation, botanical medicine and Neural Therapy. After volunteering as an ND with Natural Doctors International on the island of Ometepe in Nicaragua she has returned to practice in her hometown of Calgary, Alberta.
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